Bombs Away!

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Hello! Thanks for reading.

What is this thing?

Springing Forward is a project where I will catalogue a minimum of a year of transition for myself, my husband, Patrick, and our cat, Teddy. We are on the verge of a cross-country move from Fargo, North Dakota to...well, we're not entirely sure yet. More on that in the future.

The overarching theme of this blog is transition. We're all in a constant state of change, even if we don't realize it. However, some parts our lives have more and/or bigger changes, possibly in shorter amounts of time. As my husband and I approach a move away from the Upper Midwest, it's inevitable that we will encounter the unexpected, face tough decisions, discover new things, and more. Years from now, I hope I will look back on what I've built here and it'll spark a myriad of memories of what might be one of the most exciting times of our lives.

I plan on updating this blog daily. Yes, daily — at least for the first year — from March 30, 2015 to March 30, 2016. That doesn't mean I will post a novella every night. Whenever possible, I will write as thoroughly as possible on whatever topic is running through my mind, but we all know that real life happens and I might max out at a paragraph. Or I might post a photo with a short caption. Or maybe I will have something on my mind but not be in a writing mood, so I'll record a piece of audio and post that instead. Or heck, if I'm feeling really narcissistic, maybe I'll even post a YouTube video! I figure that mixing things up will keep this blog interesting for everyone, myself included. Boring is bad, mmkay?

Why Should You Read This?

Maybe you've made a big move yourself. Maybe you're planning on it, or want to. Or perhaps you've recently gone through some other sort of major life change. We've taken a big plunge (or will), and therefore we have something in common. I hope you will find something here you identify with, and we can build a community where we all feel less alone...because no matter what, you are not alone.

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