Where To?

The most common comment I got from people who read my inaugural post was, "Where are you and your family moving?"

I wish I knew.


No, it's not really as chaotic as that sounds. When my husband and I decided we were leaving Fargo, we decided that we would make this move with the intent that it would be the last one — the last across the country, that is. In the past ten years, we haven't lived in a city for any longer than four years. The reasons why had to do with my husband and I going back to school in our mid-twenties, and following that, jobs. Now that we're in our early thirties, we're much more established in our lives and know what we want out of life. As we discussed what we liked about the places where we've lived and what we haven't, we developed a list of what we were looking for in our new location:

  • Must have mild winters. I'm allergic to the cold. :)
  • Must be near a hub airport. More often than not, we fly when we travel. A major airport provides more (and usually cheaper) options for air travel. Also, the less connections, the less hassle.
  • Must provide career options for my husband, who teaches at the collegiate level.
  • Should be big enough to host major sporting events, concerts...you know, fun stuff.

More things factored into our thinking, of course, but these were the biggies.

We narrowed our target to the Southwest since we're both fond of that part of the country. We miss mountainous landscapes, and I absolutely adore palm trees and cacti. So naturally, the first place that came to mind was Phoenix. We visited the city in January not only for some R&R, but we also wanted to be sure that living there was doable for us. Turns out, it definitely was, and we thought for awhile that we were almost certainly headed there.

Then an employer in Salt Lake called my husband about a job he had applied for a couple months back. They wanted to schedule an interview. Suddenly, living in Salt Lake became a possibility.

Patrick is still in the process of interviewing with the folks in Salt Lake, which is why we aren't sure where we're headed. If he gets the job in Salt Lake, we'll move there. If not, we're venturing out to Phoenix.

The one thing that's for certain right now is that we are definitely leaving Fargo.

Bombs Away!

Hi there!

Hello! Thanks for reading.

What is this thing?

Springing Forward is a project where I will catalogue a minimum of a year of transition for myself, my husband, Patrick, and our cat, Teddy. We are on the verge of a cross-country move from Fargo, North Dakota to...well, we're not entirely sure yet. More on that in the future.

The overarching theme of this blog is transition. We're all in a constant state of change, even if we don't realize it. However, some parts our lives have more and/or bigger changes, possibly in shorter amounts of time. As my husband and I approach a move away from the Upper Midwest, it's inevitable that we will encounter the unexpected, face tough decisions, discover new things, and more. Years from now, I hope I will look back on what I've built here and it'll spark a myriad of memories of what might be one of the most exciting times of our lives.

I plan on updating this blog daily. Yes, daily — at least for the first year — from March 30, 2015 to March 30, 2016. That doesn't mean I will post a novella every night. Whenever possible, I will write as thoroughly as possible on whatever topic is running through my mind, but we all know that real life happens and I might max out at a paragraph. Or I might post a photo with a short caption. Or maybe I will have something on my mind but not be in a writing mood, so I'll record a piece of audio and post that instead. Or heck, if I'm feeling really narcissistic, maybe I'll even post a YouTube video! I figure that mixing things up will keep this blog interesting for everyone, myself included. Boring is bad, mmkay?

Why Should You Read This?

Maybe you've made a big move yourself. Maybe you're planning on it, or want to. Or perhaps you've recently gone through some other sort of major life change. We've taken a big plunge (or will), and therefore we have something in common. I hope you will find something here you identify with, and we can build a community where we all feel less alone...because no matter what, you are not alone.

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