Myth #1: It Never Rains in LA

When people think of LA, the stereotypical imagery usually involves a beach with the Hollywood sign lurking in the background on a perfect sunny day. Just like all stereotypes, there's a grain of truth to that, but it's far from a daily reality.

We aren't all beach bums because we live here; that might be the case for those who live really close to a beach, but for the rest of us, it's a special occasion. Also, seeing the Hollywood sign is something that happens when you're in LA proper, but if you're in the endless sprawl of suburbia in the cities surrounding Los Angeles, then your real view consists mostly of strip malls, freeways, and mountains if you're closer to the San Gabriel Mountains than the coast (and I adore living amongst mountains again after a 3.5-year absence).

And yes, while most days are blissfully warm and full of sunshine, it does rain on occasion. Since moving here, I've noticed and been told that it typically rains in short, light spurts — much like this:

When we hit LA's version of winter, AKA "rainy season," we'll see how that goes. That might bring heavier rains, especially due to the extreme El Nino we're expecting this year.

People complain about rain here because even a little bit causes havoc on the already crazy traffic. What happens is that oil buildup on the roads combines with the rain water and essentially creates a car version of a Slip 'N Slide. You can imagine how well that goes, especially on the freeway. 

Yes, I can hear you all laughing. It's a petty complaint compared to monsoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, and especially snow and ice that we don't get here. I know. I've survived winters in Fargo, North Dakota for crying out loud. #NeverForget. I know how lucky we are. Even so, it is an inconvenience just because traffic is so heavy here. One accident on the road and a 30-minute trip easily doubles in time, or worse.

But anyway, back to rain. For a region that's been so starved of moisture, every drop counts. 


Drought? Not for much longer at this rate. :P

Free Your Mind, and the Rest Will Follow

Hi! My name is Char and I am...looking for direction. Focus. A channel for creative energy. Maybe even a project I can't resist. That's why I'm starting this blog.

My husband, cat and I moved to the LA area in August. It's a new adventure/chapter/whatever you want to call it for us, so why not catalogue all of these memories we're making and share them with anyone who cares?

I am starting this blog unrefined and unfocused. It doesn't matter if I write, take photos, make a video, whatever. I just need an outlet where I can flip my creative switch and retrain my brain after years of funneling my creative energy into soul-sucking work for a necessary but unfulfilling salary. Now I am at a crossroads where I can continue on that path or do something else entirely. I'm leaning toward the latter. After 10 years of writing, designing, and otherwise working in creative media, I'd rather earn money outside of this field so I can regain my love and passion for creative pursuits on my own terms. I hope this project will help me open my eyes to the beauty of the new life we're establishing here while also helping me redefine my life, and possibly set me on track for the passionate pursuit I want but don't have just yet.

Let's see what happens. Thanks for tuning in.

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