News Pages

Casper Star-Tribune

From 2005-2009, and again in 2011, I worked at the Casper Star-Tribune. That was where I developed an interest in layout and design. I started there in prepress, but moved to the editorial department in 2007. For the next two years, I honed my skills as news page designer/copy editor and created eye-catching layouts under tight deadlines every night. I worked on front pages, feature sections, special sections, and sports pages.

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SoCal News Group

In 2016, I reprised the role of page designer at SoCal News Group and added the title of content coordinator. As a designer, I was responsible for designing all pages with local content for at least one of the company’s 11 newspapers every night. Whenever possible, I would help with others’ pages as well. As a content coordinator, I edited stories for AP Style compliance, errors, and fact-checking. I proofed finished pages and sent them to the printer upon approval.