Small Business

In late 2016, I was ready for a change — a big one. I learned the basics of operating a small business and opened Char’s Golden Goods in March 2017. Since then, I have carried out every aspect of my home-based bath and body business. I’m the product developer, marketer, accountant, customer service agent, and shipping department. I sell online at as well as in person at local crafting events in the greater Los Angeles area.

Since I have a background in graphic design, I have taken great pride in designing everything for my business. Below are a few examples of my design, branding and process.

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Email advertisements



Print materials


Design process

Click on the image below to see a gif of how I designed the price list for Classic Coffee (just above, third image) from start to finish. I always start with a sketch, build basic framework, put all elements on the page, and tweak them until the design comes together.