I have always had an interest in video production, but I didn’t truly start learning anything about it until summer 2018. I did so with a hands-on, learn as I go approach for a project I started with my husband called Babble for Five.

We started with a simple iPhone setup in our living room. I made simple cuts between clips in DaVinci Resolve. We could have continued this project in this fashion for the duration, but we saw the opportunity to do more. We took a crash course in green screen technology and started editing in Adobe Premiere Pro so we could improve the look and quality of the show. You can see the the changes from episode to episode as we learn new skills. I go back to older episodes and cringe now, but every minute of production was time well-spent on learning a new process. I feel that I have a basic but solid handle on video production and editing now, thanks to this project.

Babble for Five is still in production. New episodes release every Sunday.